How could Donald Tusk be re-elected?

This re-election shows again, how undemocratic the EU is these days.

While I do not know Donald Tusk, he may well be a decent honest man, I am shocked that he can be re-elected President of the European Council. Mr. Tusk is not a elected Member of the European Parliament, that means that not a single citizen of the EU gave him his vote of confidence in any democratic process. But most importantly for this post as chief representative of all EU governments, he has not been nominated by the acting government of his own country for the post, Poland publicly rejected him. That Kaczyński doesn’t like Tusk, maybe for the wrong reasons, is one thing, but this does not mean that the EU can do what they want. This vote is a complete disrespect of national identities, and I wonder when we will have members of the EU parliament nominated Soviet style. As dishonest as his re-election is, I am disappointed the UK - in one of its last official votes in the EU - voted for Tusk. Wasn’t it the UK who wanted its country back and complained of the unelected EU powers? Maybe Theresa just didn’t pay attention on details anymore.

Axel R Thill
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