Macron and the Brexit

Emmanuel Macron will be the next president of France, and Europe is relieved that the populist national voices missed their objectives again.

But Macron is the next Hollande, a leftist money spender, and his election is not based on his great ideas and program, but purely out of opposition and fear for Marine Le Pen. If Macron fails like Hollande, the next president of France may well be a woman. From a UK point of view, more interesting are his views on Brexit - and Europe. Now that he is elected, more details emerge, and while I first thought he may not be happy with Brexit, I now come to the conclusion that Macron is a very good reason to support Brexit - in whatever form. Get this: he wants a closer union, fiscal authority for the EU, a EU wide tax on all citizen to finance the support of the Euro currency, and worst of all - a central EU Treasury, with the task to issue Euro bonds by Brussel’s new EU finance minister. What he wants is Brussel to enter into debt, that is owned and guaranteed by the member states. No more sovereignty in financial matters! It is not surprising to see that Germany is strongly against such leftist money printing and spending scheme, loosing its grip on its money, but then all you need to ask the Germans is: “Remember 1939?” and they fall into silence and embarrassed submission and pay. Or not... because even Merkel and Schaeuble must now realise that the other big net payer into the EU dream, the UK, will soon be gone. I can only hope that now that Macron is showing his real face, his radical EU-fanatic ideas will help to achieve the opposite, and Europe finds back to the status of a economic trading community of independent and sovereign states.

It was once called the EEC.

Axel R Thill
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