A Trojan Horse named Martin Schulz

Since many years I am known among my best friends to have little sympathy for Martin Schulz.

He is the personification of everything that goes wrong in my beloved Europe. Trained as bookseller, he opened in 1984 his own bookshop in Würselen. In 1984 Martin was elected to the Würselen Municipal Council, later becoming its mayor. In 1994, Schulz was given a safe seat by his local SPD friends "to be elected" to the European Parliament, he closed his bookshop and left for Brussels, where in 2012 he became President of the European Parliament. Lets put this into context: Würselen has 32,000 inhabitants, the EU 506,000,000. If everybody in Würselen voted for Martin Schulz, he would have had 0.006% of the popular vote of the EU. He is a ruthless technocrat, a master of party, fraction and EU power games, a Darth Vader of modern times, with Junker assuming the role of emperor of the EU empire, Darth Sidious. OK… lets stay with facts and not create fake news… If any one person has to take the responsibility for Brexit, it is not Cameron, not Farage, not Gove & Johnson, its Martin Schulz. He pursued the goal of a ever closer Union since 1994, and he was very successful, to the point that now the whole artificial & undemocratic construct is starting to break up. It was Schulz who during Cameron’s last effort to find a acceptable EU-wide balance of centralism and sovereignty, send the UK Prime Minister home like a little child with a kick in the arse, proclaiming that no extra rules will be discussed. Under Schulz, no extra rules will apply to anybody, all have to submit to the primary goal of a ever closer union - Soviet style. Enough history, BREXIT happened and national populism is on the rise, and the Europe I embraced as a child is disappearing. Thanks to guys like Martin. You may ask why I call Martin Schulz a Trojan Horse? Well, in 2017, he did not put down his candidacy for a 3rd term as President of the European Parliament, but after 23 years silently moved back to Germany, to Berlin, and is now the candidate of the SPD to be the successor of Angela Merkel. Imagine this die-hard EU fanatic of a ever closer union to become Germany’s next chancellor. There was a real Schulz hype in Germany, somewhat understandable after decades of Merkel-ism and the recent refugee fiasco. Martin was clever enough not to disclose too much of his actual plans and politics, just smiled gently, shook hands and kissed babies. But then came Macron in France, and I started to see the real (scary) picture. Now elected, Macron declared his love and intentions for a EU Treasury, a EU budget, a EU Finance Minister and Eurobonds issued by the EU in the name of its member states. Merkels reaction was typical: cautious rejection, as was Schaeuble’s: NEIN! For the first time during his stay in Berlin, Martin Schulz showed his true allegiances: he welcomed and shared Macron’s EU dreams. He is prepared to give sovereign authority in financial matters away to Brussels, is prepared to guarantee debt others decide to issue, all in the name of a ever closer EU.

If the Trojan Horse Martin Schulz ever enters the corridors of power in Berlin, the German government move from Bonn to Berlin in 1999 will look like a short weekend excursion, once the German ministries are relocated to Brussel one by one.

Axel R Thill
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