Speeding in Germany

We never do it, but if... now getting caught will happen in a new technological environment.

In the UK, most stationary speed cameras are painted in bright yellow, visible from miles away, and they are one directional, they measure your speed and take your picture from front or rear. As motorcycle rider, the knowledge to be identifiable only from the back gave you some peace of mind in those very rare occasions you realised too late that you might have been a tad over the limit. Add the German requirement, that the proofing image must include your face (so they can identify and accuse the actual driver) and you have felt very safe from stationary speed traps while speeding on a motorcycle, as they always take your photo from the front. Not any more... The new circular 8 feet high speed traps, looking like some environmental air pollution measuring unit, take your photo from front and back. I could not believe my eyes when a German speeding ticket reached my desk, showing a US customer on one of my rental bikes in Germany.

He was actually lucky: he drove at 86 km/h in a 80 km/h zone, and after deducting 3 km/h tolerance the authorities charged... wait... 10 Euro, yes, TEN Euro (£8.77), not worth the administrative effort.

A real bargain, , specially taking into account the minimalistic brain bucket he was wearing as helmet, instead of the CE approved helmets you need in Europe and I recommend these days.

Axel R Thill
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