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Secondary Glazing 2007

This post and the pictures were written and taken in 2007, now republished in 2022.

It seems the climate went already wild 15 years ago - so nothing new. And the heating costs today in 2022 were unimaginable back then.

Wentworth Lodge, a house build in 1937, remains a challenge for insulation. Specially the Stained Glass windows, while beautiful to look at, were fragile. The installation of a robust secondary glazing will go a long way.

In 2022, I decided to fix further secondary glazing, in the kitchen and entrance door, and was very happy to find that was still in business, with competitive prices. The units are still in perfect working order, no distortion of the frame nor breakage of the sliding mechanims. 


Photos and comments will be posted here of this second phase of a project started 15 years ago.

The climate goes wild thanks to CO2 emissions, the heating costs spiral out of control, and some older Stained Glass windows at Wentworth Lodge are in need of maintainance. The answer to all these issues is a good secondary double glazing.

With some DIY knowledge under my belt I started some years ago to search the web, but was never satisfied with the quality of material provided: either plastic or flimsy frames, none satisfied my expectations, as "the window" is the place most look at inside and outside of the house. DIY for me does not mean: cheap materials or bad craftsmanship.

This year I started a new search, hoping that Google, in combination with clever search words, would yield new or better results. And there it was:

Please check out the site and their offers, here I want to describe how my first project with them was realised (at reasonable costs).

I started small, call it a test, with 2 identical small lift-out style windows.


The online experience with Secondary Glazing UK is very positive, in addition you receive fast and competent help via email and telephone.

To be on the safe side, I emailed above pic, and received prompt, friendly and very helpful answers from Debbie.


Each frame was strongly fixed with 8 screws. Which brand of Frame Sealant you use is not so important, just know that you need a lot, about one per window (fills about 3.5m), for the
larger frames (see below)  you may need up to 3 tubes each.

After window 1 & 2 were a great success, I decided to order the window 3-10, completing all windows of the of Wentworth Lodge.

Here the technical drafts I made, this visualisation helped a lot in the online discussion with the experts at

Before and After installation

Before and After installation

Window 7 is identical to Window 4

Windows 8&9 small Lift outs similar to Window 1&2, but in dark brown

Window 10 is identical to Window 3, but in dark brown

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