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I am Sixty Five

I started this site 5 years ago, happy to turn 60 and settling into retirement mode.

In the last 5 years, much happened, but mainly my rants were reported here, now deleted, if you still want to hear them go to Twitter.

Key milestones were me getting older than my father ever had a chance, and I ventured into politics becoming a prospective parliamentary candidate for the UK lower house.

My main achievement was not to run for the seat in Esher and Walton against the Deputy-Prime Minister Dominic Raab, allowing him to keep a small majority against Monica Harding from the Lib Dems. As Brexit Party candidate I would have canibalised his slim majority. Mission accomplished, Brexit saved, I never expected to come any closer to the House of Commons. It was a fun time, multiple appearances in German TV (Phoenix, Maischberger) and Radio (Deutschland Funk), and I did meet Dominic for a private chat, a nice guy, relaxed and approachable in private, but for my taste a bit stiff in his public appearances.

And I remained busy operating as Lind Tours and manager of rentals at Lind Harley-Davidson.

Then came the Corona pandemic, and everything closed down for more than 2 years. Tours with US customer dried out, Rentals were discontinued

My son got a dog (Ralfie), then I got a bitch (Ayla), then these 2 got a puppy in 2021 named Leo.

I am still the same person, with same beliefs, still a child of Europe, still very critical of EU

So this is a RESET, and you can expect posts on 2 issues:

- me replacing my petrol car with a EV

- me downsizing my Harley-Davidson from a Tourer to a Softail

to be continued...


Axel R Thill
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